Umfrage UL-Flieger / Inquiry for pilots of Microlights

Allgemeine Diskussionen über das "wahre" Ultraleichtfliegen

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Umfrage UL-Flieger / Inquiry for pilots of Microlights

Beitrag von Laurenz » Mi 26. Apr 2006, 09:03


Let me introduce myself. I?m Laurenz, a Belgian student.
I?m writing my thesis about the situation on the Microlight market, this for all airplanes, gyroplanes, trikes,? with a weight of under 450 kilos (about 990lbs). Microlights are also frequently called Ultralights or ULMs.

To know something more about the pilot?s preferences, I?ve decided to set up an inquiry. The inquiry is completely anonymous. The only personal thing I ask is the country you live in, because I want to find out the differences between pilots in different countries.

The inquiry takes less than 5 minutes.

This inquiry is a very important part of my thesis, so your corporation is of crucial importance to me.

Click to go to the inquiry

Thank you so much for your corporation!